i’m an evolving, happy little good time nerd with a scrambled up life, an itchy travellin’ bone and a burning need to put words on paper and screen. i’m in the middle of life somewhere, and through all of its rocky ride and challenging heartscapes, i’ve become exactly who i want to Be. today.

actionfiguretrish is the president and founder of HardHead Communications, Inc. and hardheadpress.com, a small press with guts and goodness embracing a golden age of publishing.

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    • oh but for the public disclosure of self i’ve accidentally made into a habit, i’ve no idea how many fewer times i might have laughed at myself by now. and laughing is…well…spiritual. i guess it’s that simple.

      i’m here to take pride in making an example of my39-year self, the dorky way, the ungraceful way, the fun(ny) way, on my terms…which are really quite thin and leave life a lot of room to stir things up.

      i’ve only just started up my heart and creative mind again. it’s roaring and timid and made stronger by every click, like or comment. this realm is baffling and sparkly and addictive. thank you for the “fix”!

  1. I found my way here from the SI site. I must say I am enjoying your blog. I hope you survived the holidays well. I’ve been on a similar journey. Keep on posting. I think you have a gift.

    • thank you roger, for reading, for commenting and for the compliments and encouragement. we SIer’s know about encouragement don’t we? i actually had a great holiday this year….so different from the last couple of them. life goes on and life is good. i wish you so much luck and light in 2012.

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